My oh, my it’s been such a busy season! Can’t wait to share more exciting weddings with you all soon. This ceremony was held in a beautiful park, then moving on to party the night away to their parents’ private property which was styled beautifully by Miss Mooi styling and Floretta by grace flowers.

The morning was spent listening to Lia’s favourite records and nervously laughing about what was to come. The first time Lia noticed me pointing the camera at her she practically ran away! I, as someone who is quite camera shy myself (luckily I’m always behind it!) understand this aversion- but in the end we got there- capturing some lovely photos along the way!

The ceremony was one of the most touching, emotional and hilarious ceremonies I have witnessed so far, I even caught my awesome 2nd shooter Alex (Thank you Alex!) brushing away a few tears during it. These two seem simply perfect for each-other.

Thanks to Lia and Derek for having me 🙂

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