During the off season I decided to head off on a 2 month holiday to the UK and Europe! It was my first time over that side of the world and BOY did I enjoy it!

The journey started in the UK, flying into London and spending 4 days exploring, sight seeing and meeting new people:

Harry Potter world really made my childhood dreams come true!

Bath was an absolute highlight- so keen to head back there one day!

Next stop was the Isle of Harris in Scottland, did a lot of hiking around these incredible coast lines. I think we bumped into about 3 other people each day. The island has a total population of 1000 people, it was absolutely perfect.

This is Petra, she’s a rescue owl. We were driving down one of the long winding roads on the island, when we saw a man with a gigantic bird of prey on his arm. Naturally we pulled over to have a look! We had a fabulous chat with Ian and got the chance to take Petra for a ‘fly’ which was pretty incredible.

Get in the freezing cold loch they said… It’ll be fun they said!

Next stop was Edinburgh

Deans village was STUNNING

Then left the UK and headed over to Berlin for the start of my Intrepid tour! This was a 14 day trip from Berlin through to Venice. 7 different countries in 14 days! I hardly had time to get my bearings before moving to the next place, but it was amazing.

The view from my room in Venice was pretty damn incredible!

Next up was a hiking, cycling and kayaking trip through Cinque Terre. I don’t think I’ve ever sweated so much in my entire life. But it was a fantastic . So. Many. Stairs.

We sat here and ate Italian pizza watching the sunset. It was truely perfect.

After the 8 day hiking trip was all over I visited Florence for a few days to unwind and soak up some arts and culture. This started off with rooftop yoga and a meal on my first night. It was perfect.

Then jumped over to Spain for the last 2 weeks of the trip!

Hot air ballooning over Segovia was pretty special! Next stop to wrap up the trip was Silidan Island in Indonesia. For 10 days of scuba diving and some hardcore relaxing. Hardly touched my camera at all in the 10 days!