The Big One

  • 10 hours coverage time
  • 2nd photographer for grooms prep and ceremony
  • Beautifully printed 30 page album
$ 3900


  • 8 hours coverage time
  • Beautifully printed 30 page album
  • This package is also available without the album for$2,600


  • 6 hours coverage time

Frequently Asked Questions

How much coverage do we need?

This is kind of one of those “how long is a piece of string” kind of questions as there are a few contributing factors. Generally if there is a bit of travel time between locations (for example if the preperation location is far away from ceremony venue) you may require a little bit longer. Another instance in which you’d require extended coverage is if you’re planning on doing a special send off at the end of the reception. For the most part, it’s good to aim for 2 hours before the ceremony to 2 hours into the reception.

How many photos do we get?

When going through the photos from the day, a big part of the job is cutting it down to just the good ones that tell your story beautifuly. Generally from an 8 hour wedding you can expect upwards of 500 photos.

Can we get an album later?

Absolutely, custom designed albums are avalible for purchase at any time for $1,000. These start with an intial rough design and go through as many rounds of revisions as required to get it just perfect for you to enjoy for years to come.

How long does the photo session take?

I totally understand that it’s one of the best and craziest days of your life, and whilst you want some stunning shots- you don’t want to be away from your guests for hours on end. All I ever recommend as an hour or so after the ceremony. 20 mins for family shots, 15 for bridal party images and another 25 for photos of just the two of you, give or take a little bit for travel.


The albums are custom designed are hand bound in Brunswick. The design is a collaboration between us to get the album perfect for you prior to it going to printing. There are a huge number of different cover options available and you can get custom engraving to match your invitations as well.